White House Reviews China Policy

Sep 30, 2017

The White House will begin a comprehensive review of policy on China. The goal of the review is to “clearly outline U.S. goals, ensure all U.S. policies are designed to achieve those goals, and get everyone in the Administration on the same page.” The review was first proposed in June. It will also take “full account of China’s economic and strategic ambitions, and provide a vast range of policy options . . . .” The review may be completed later this fall before President Trump is scheduled to visit China in November. Creating a comprehensive policy is complicated. China is rich and has ambitious goals around the world especially in the area of trade and commerce. The administration has people with divergent views on China. The president is an outspoken critic while Secretary of State Tillerson wants a less confrontational approach to China. China hawks believe that China uses the North Korea situation to extract long-term concessions from the United States in exchange for short-term policy changes with Pyongyang.