Bank Teller Rips Off Homeless Man

Sep 30, 2017

A Wells Fargo bank teller in Washington D.C. may have picked up some bad ideas from the nation’s politicians. The employee stole $185,000 from a homeless customer who tried to deposit the cash into his accounts with the bank. The homeless man was keeping the money in a garbage bag. He tried to deposit the money but was turned away because he did not have “the identification documents he needed to deposit the . . . cash . . . .” The bank teller “was accused of forging the customer’s signature to fraudulently open a Wells Fargo account in the customer’s name . . . .” “He funded the account with $3,000 of the homeless customer’s money.” The homeless man had no knowledge of the fraudulent activity. The teller spent the money over a two year period on vacations, debt repayment, and as a down payment on a house.