Secret Service Whistleblower Recommended for Reinstatement

Sep 30, 2017

The Inspector General’s office is recommending that a Secret Service agent whistleblower be reinstated with back pay and a restoration of his security clearance. Robert MacQueen blew the whistle on a poorly run Ponzi scheme investigation where the assets of a company were seized prior to any victims being identified. According to the IG’s report, Secret Service managers fabricated charges against MacQueen because he spoke out against the mismanagement. He was offered “fast-track” “disability retirement in return for dropping his complaints even though he is able-bodied and never sought any type of disability compensation.” “Knowingly helping to defraud the government by offering to help file a false disability claim is . . . a felony.” The Secret Service is reviewing the IG’s report to determine its next course of action. According to the report, this is the first time that it had verified an “instance of retaliation” “related to an agency wrongfully overturning or suspending an employee’s security clearance” under a directive protecting whistleblowers.