Jones Act Holding Puerto Rico Hostage, Waived Temporarily

Sep 29, 2017

The Trump administration waived the Jones Act temporarily so that supplies could more easily and less expensively be brought into Puerto Rico. The waiver will last ten days. Under the Jones Act, only American made and operated ships may move cargo between U.S. ports. Smarter members of Congress recognize that the Jones Act impedes commerce, and that it makes it more expensive to ship products. In fact, San Juan Mayor Carmen Cruz said that the waiver “could help bring down the cost of supplies and construction materials by nearly 33 percent.” Yet members of Congress are pushing to extend the waiver for a mere year. Why not repeal the act altogether? President Trump waived the Jones Act for two weeks after the hurricanes in Texas and Florida. The president put a three star general in charge of relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Currently there is little electricity on the island. Officials estimate that it could take six months to restore power.