Government Always Wants Its Money

Sep 28, 2017

A food truck operator in Green Cove Springs, Florida was told to stop selling BBQ to hurricane Irma victims because the owner was “operating without a permit.” Even though 90 percent of the city’s power grid lay in ruins, and hot meals were difficult to find, the city manager found that feeding people without the local government’s permission was the most pressing issue at that moment. One resident who saw two police officers issue the cease and desist order posted, “this is such a great little town, but it seems like the people who run it do their best to keep it from progressing.” Mayor Mitch Timerlake said that if the owner of the food truck had requested the proper government credentialing, “he would have been allowed to serve utility workers around the city.” “He is a commercial food truck operator, and he knows the local ordinances for food truck operation and had a responsibility to reach to the city to get a permit for what he wanted to do. We don’t prohibit food trucks. There are times and places where we welcome them.” The mayor did not say how long the permitting process would have taken. Or if it might have been affected because the power was out.