Navy Rushing to Implement Changes

Sep 28, 2017

The U.S. Navy is rushing to remedy the mishaps that have led to the deaths of 17 sailors. The Navy chose to ignore the buildup of problems that lead to two deadly collisions in crowded waters. At least on paper, sailors will get more sleep and fewer work hours. Navy ships will now “broadcast their positions as to other vessels.” Ships, whose crews lack certification for basic seamanship, will remain in port until crews are brought up to basic standards. Navy officials have long known about the issues, but chose to do nothing. Admiral Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations, had no explanation for the lack of preparedness when he appeared before the Senates Armed Services Committee. Commanders are going so far as to require the use of compasses, pencils, and paper “to help track potential hazards.” The increased deployments and a smaller Navy have left “little time to train and maintain ships amid their relentless duties.” One possible way for the Navy to find time to train would be to end politically correct celebrations such as LGBT Pride Month.