Leaker Blames Fox News

Sep 28, 2017

The National Security Agency contractor who leaked a report about Russian hacking attempts during the election said that she was triggered because Fox News was playing in her office. Reality Winner said, “I’ve filed formal complaints about them having Fox New on, you know?” Alternatively, she suggested, Al Jazeera TV, “or a slideshow with people’ pets.” Winner is charged “with mishandling classified information for leaking a top secret report that laid out evidence that Russian hackers had targeted U.S. voter registration databases.” Reality Winner printed the document, smuggled it out of the office in her pantyhose, and sent it to The Intercept website. “Let’s be straight, there’s little to no security on documents. Nobody pats you down,” Winner told agents. Her social media sites show that she was a supporter of Bernie Sanders “and various left-wing causes.” She told FBI investigators “she believed the NSA was sitting on evidence of Russian meddling in the presidential campaign” and could not believe that the document was being withheld from the public domain.