New Executive Orders Coming On Health Care

Sep 28, 2017

President Trump may issue an executive order that would affect how healthcare is made available to Americans. The proposed order would allow health insurance to be purchased across state lines. The president called his order “very major,” “where people can go out across state lines, do lots of things, and buy their own health care.” According to the president the order will “cover a lot of territory and a lot of people — millions of people.” The idea behind the executive order is to make the insurance market “more competitive by eliminating the barriers associated with state insurance regulation. Insurers would be able to offer national plans with lower administrative costs.” Another order the president is considering is to allow associations to sell group health insurance. Private societies, civic organizations, farm bureaus etc., would be able to sell insurance to their members. Senator Rand Paul has been a champion of allowing individuals to form associations and through the associations, buy group insurance. It may be one way to address the pre-existing conditions trap that Republicans find themselves in every time they try to overturn Obamacare.