Deadline Approaches for Kennedy Assassination Document Dump

Sep 27, 2017

The government is required to release the remaining documents relating to the November 1963 assassination of President Kennedy. President Trump has until October 26 to decide. The remaining 3,000 documents are expected to shed new light onto the assassination. It is still possible that the FBI and CIA will ask that the president keep certain documents classified. “It’s long past the time to be forthcoming with this information,” said Larry Sabato with the University of Virginia Center for Politics. In July, the National Archives release 440 new documents relating to the assassination that had never been seen by the public. It also release thousands of other documents had been released but with redactions. Sabato believes that some records may have been destroyed prior to the 1992 law that ordered all related documents to be kept at the National Archives. Documents that probably won’t be released are those related to the tax affairs of Jack Ruby.