Venezuela Launches Into Tirade At UN

Sep 27, 2017

Venezuela’s foreign minister addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Monday. His speech turned into a tirade against President Trump. Jorge Arreaza called the American president a “World Emperor” who “used this forum constructed for peace to announce wars, the total destruction of member states, [and] the application of coercive, unilateral, and illegal measures, threatening and judging at his leisure, as if he had absolute dictatorial powers over the sovereign member states of our organization.” The foreign minister said that the president was “the worst violator of human rights, not just in its territory, but around the world.” President Trump said last week that he stood with the people of Venezuela. He pledged that he would assist them in regaining their freedoms and democracy. Venezuela’s socialist government has starved the people and has committed a “wide variety of human rights abuses including extreme police brutality and sex crimes against unarmed protesters.”