Women Will Be Allowed To Drive in Saudi Arabia

Sep 27, 2017

Women in Saudi Arabia will be able to drive in June of 2018. The country’s king made the announcement on Tuesday. The previous Saudi king had promised that women would be allowed to drive, but he died before he could see it through. The country’s top Islamic cleric defended the ban on women driving in 2016. He claimed “that driving harms a woman’s ovaries and that the act will expose women ‘to evil.’” The relenting of rules allowing women to drive comes after other changes in Saudi society. In 2015, women were given the right to vote for the first time. Earlier this month, women were permitted into King Fahd sports stadium. “Men and women were allowed to sit and mix together in a public arena.” Saudi women’s rights activists have been pushing for the right to drive since at least 2011 when Manal Al-Sharif “was arrested and jailed for nine days after she defied the kingdom’s female driving ban and posted video of the moment online. Al-Sharif was charge with ‘driving while female.’”