Renegotiate Iran Deal, Says Lindsey Graham

Sep 27, 2017

Senator Lindsey Graham wants President Trump to re-negotiate the Iran Deal. Graham said that while Iran is technically complying with the agreement, the country is “violating the spirit of the pact through its continued destabilizing activities in the Middle East, such as supporting terrorist groups.” The senator said that one of the biggest mistakes of the deal was the disconnection between “the behavior of the regime and sanctions relief.” Graham said that he does not want the president to “abandon the nuclear part of [the agreement] unless we have a reason to because I know the world is invested in this deal.” Renegotiation would be nearly impossible. The EU, Britain, France, and Germany have declined to reopen the agreement. Russia and China have also refused. Iran has also nixed the idea. Iranian “President Hassan Rouhani threaten to ‘respond decisively and resolutely’ if the United States chooses to blow up the accord.” Under the Nuclear Deal, Iran will be able to eventually enrich uranium.