DOJ Fights For Campus Free Speech

Sep 27, 2017

Attorney General Sessions pledged that the Justice Department would push back against colleges that silence free speech. “This permissive attitude toward the heckler's veto has spawned a cottage industry of protesters who have quickly learned that school administrators will capitulate to their demands.” "Protesters are now routinely shutting down speeches and debates across the country in an effort to silence voices that insufficiently conform with their views," said the Attorney General. Sessions promised that his department would enforce federal law and defend freedom of speech on campuses. The first action the DOJ plans, is to file a “Statement of Interest” in a “lawsuit filed by students at Georgia Gwinnett College” who were not allowed freedom of speech outside of a “free-speech zone.” Protesters were not allowed in the room where he delivered his statement. But protesters gathered outside to protest and kneel “in the name of civil rights.”