Immigrants Commit Almost Half of Crimes in Berlin

Sep 26, 2017

In December 2016, leftists in Berlin claimed that “right-wing extremism” was more of a threat than immigrants. Yet a new report shows that immigrants were responsible for almost half of the reported crime in Berlin, Germany. The percentage of crimes committed by immigrants increased to 45 percent in 2016. It was an increase o five percent from the previous year. Migrants gravitated towards pickpocketing, heroin trafficking, and car thefts. Immigrants committed crimes “at three and a half times the rate of Germans.” On Sunday, Angela Merkel’s party was given a shock by voters. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party captured 13 percent of the vote, making it the third largest political party. Leaders of the party opposed Merkel’s open border policies and wants greater restrictions on immigration. Merkel will now have several difficult months ahead of her as she tries to form a government.