Snowflakes Need Emotional Safety Pits

Sep 26, 2017

Universities are going all out to support their tender snowflake students. The latest trend is to provide “ball pits as a means of providing their students with ‘emotional safety.’” The ball pits are used “as icebreakers, to break down racial barriers, facilitate lessons on wellness, and as part of freshmen orientation.” “The ball pits were perfect for allowing students to feel comfortable,” said Kate Ayotte at Central Connecticut State University. “That was the greatest benefit for helping them have conversations with other students they didn’t know and talk about mental health. They were so relaxed and just hanging out in the pools.” Cynthia Cutshall with St. Mary’s College said, “The balls start conversations between student sand help them get to know one another on a slightly deeper level.” At Ole Miss, administrators write questions on the balls so as to facilitate conversations. Students can also write questions on balls so they can engage other students. Most ball pits are found in children’s play areas at places such as McDonalds.