Election Eve Campaigning in Alabama

Sep 26, 2017

Monday was the final full day of campaigning before Tuesday’s special election in Alabama to pick a Republican nominee to replace former Senator Jeff Sessions. In one rally, Judge Moore spoke out against the political ads accusing him of not believing in the Second Amendment. Judge Moore said those ads were “completely false.” To demonstrate his belief, he “pulled out a concealed carry handgun, held it up high and said, “I believe in the Second Amendment.” In a rally Monday evening, Moore campaigned with Sarah Palin, Nigel Farage, Steve Bannon, and Phil Robertson. Moore said, “We’ve got to go back to God. We’ve got to go back to a moral base.” He said that by voting on Tuesday, voters could take a stand against the Washington establishment and those that tried to buy the election for $30 million. Steve Bannon told the crowd that Judge Moore represented the values of the people of Alabama. He added that by voting for Moore, the voters were voting for Donald Trump and voting to “Make America Great Again.”