Rand Paul Outlines What it Would Take To Get His Support

Sep 26, 2017

Senator Rand Paul outlined the changes that he would have to see in Graham-Cassidy in order to get his support. The senator sees the block grants as just an extension of Obamacare. "Graham/Cassidy keeps and redistributes/spends over a trillion dollars. My promise to the voters was to repeal Obamacare - not block grant and keep Obamacare. If Obamacare were truly repealed, this entire trillion dollars would not be spent. This is the primary obstacle to my support, and only a significant reassessment of this trillion-dollar spending regime would get my support." However, if the legislation was changed to accommodate Senator Paul, Graham-Cassidy would lose the support of other Republican senators. Senator Paul also wants Congress to act on his Association Health Plans idea which would let businesses and individuals “band together to buy health insurance as a group.”