Republicans In Control Of NLRB

Sep 26, 2017

Republicans now hold a majority on the National Labor Relations Board. The board “oversees workplace disputes and union elections.” William Emanuel was appointed by President Trump. He has worked as labor attorney for management and is a member of the Federalist Society. Under the Republican controlled board, the agency will consider several challenges to decisions made by the Obama administration. Trey Kovacs with the Competitive Enterprise Institute said, “"It's essential that the NLRB start to undo the harm caused during the Obama administration, when the board put out numerous job-killing decisions and rules that weaken worker choice.” During hearings, Democrats fiercely opposed Emanuel’s appointment, pointing out that Emanuel had “never represented a worker or union in an employment matter — not even in pro bono work. The next opening on the National Labor Relations Board will open in December when the current chairman’s term expires.