Amid the NFL Protests One Man Stands Alone

Sep 25, 2017

On a day that many people believe will live in infamy for the NFL, players on almost every team disrespected the country that has made them millionaires by sitting or kneeling in protest of the National Anthem. The only one that had no players participate in the protests was the Carolina Panthers. In the case, of the Pittsburg Steelers, the players and most coaches chose to hide in their locker room until the anthem was over.

However, there was one notable exception; Steeler Alejandro Villaneuva stood alone on the field. He is a West Point graduate and served two combat tours in Afghanistan. He knows what the Star Spangled Banner stands for. He is one of only three members of the NFL who has served in the military. The rest don’t know what it means to serve in the military, a police department, or as a first responder.