California Could Experiment All It Wants under Graham-Cassidy

Sep 25, 2017

Under the Graham-Cassidy legislation, California would be able to experiment with a single-payer system. The legislation would block grant funds to the states and allow them to create their own solutions to healthcare. Justice Louis Brandeis once wrote the the states were “laboratories of democracy.” The state can “try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.” A plan was introduced earlier in 2017 to create a single-payer system in California. It reportedly would cost the state $400 billion per year. The state would have to raise and additional $200 a year in taxes to pay for it. The legislation was shelved until the legislature figured out a funding mechanism. Democrats politicians in California are pushing to derail Graham-Cassidy. The state does not want to be left alone to experiment. “Unless the other states can be coerced into following California’s example — whether on healthcare, transgender bathrooms, climate change, or immigration — then a grave injustice is said to be taking place.