Who Pays the Obamacare Tax?

Sep 25, 2017

The people paying the Obamacare tax are not the rich. Instead, the people paying the tax are the poor, the very people whom the Democrats say (with a wink) they want to help. More than one in three households earning less than $25,000 had to pay the tax in 2015. “More than 75% of penalized households made less than $50,000 and nine in 10 earned less than $75,000.” Taxing the poor and the middle class is becoming lucrative for politicians and the bureaucrats at the IRS. “Government revenues increased to more than $3 billion from about $1.7 billion, as the financial punishment for lacking coverage increased.” The government compels the poor to buy a product they either don’t want or can’t afford, which results in the poor having “less money for household expenses.” If government were to get out of healthcare, prices would fall just like they do in other free market sectors such as “televisions, cell phones, and laptop computers.”