Education Secretary Flies At Her Own Expense

Sep 23, 2017

Secretary of Education, DeVos travels to events around the country in a private plane. But she owns the plane. And she’s picking up all the costs out of her own pocket. So far “The secretary neither seeks, nor accepts, any reimbursement for her flights, nor for any additional official travel-related expenses, such as lodging and per diem.” According to a spokesman for DeVos, she would be entitled to reimbursement under the federal government’s travel guidelines. The spokesman pointed out that “DeVos accepted her position to serve the public and is committed to being a faithful steward of taxpayer dollars.” When the Associated Press story broke, the organization did not make it clear that DeVos was flying in her own plane. The original misleading story was “widely shared by angry liberal readers” one of whom “suggested that DeVos should be the prisoner of a rapist for her use of a private plane.” The AP later updated its story headline and deleted the misleading tweet.