Chronic Teacher Absenteeism

Sep 22, 2017

28 percent of government school teachers “chronically” skip class. According to the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, nearly a third of government teachers “miss 11 or more school days each year.” They are “three times more likely than their charter school counterparts to take more than 10 days a year off school for personal or health-related reasons.” Teachers in Hawaii get “18 sick leave days out of their 180-day school year.” Nearly 80 percent take off at least 10 of those days. David Griffith, author of the study, said that government school teachers “are usually subject to collective bargaining agreements that are extremely generous when it comes to the amount of sick and personal leave that teachers are guaranteed.” Griffith argued that there is a direct correlation between student performance and teacher attendance. He said that students are losing nearly two weeks of education as a result.