Unrest in Catalonia

Sep 22, 2017

In Catalonia, Spain police seized millions of ballots and arrested over a dozen Catalan politicians before a planned October 1 vote for independence. Printing offices and newspapers have been raided looking for independence related propaganda. Protestors vandalized police cars and Civil Guards were not allowed to leave a building. The Spanish government warned of “greater harm” if Catalonia goes forwards with the independence referendum. Individuals overseeing the vote could possibly be fined thousands of euros every day for their work on the vote. Catalonia enjoys some autonomy from Spain. It’s economy represents 20 percent of Spain’s total economy. The European Central Bank is buying Spanish debt so as to give the illusion of confidence. The shorting of Spanish bonds has been outlawed. The crackdown by the Spanish government may give new energy to the independence movement and sway voters towards exiting Spain.