President May Junk Iran Nuclear Deal

Sep 21, 2017

President Trump is leaning towards decertifying the nuclear deal with Iran. The deadline is October 15. If the president decertifies the deal, Congress will have a “60-day window . . . to determine whether to reimpose sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program.” At the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump called the agreement an “embarrassment.” Another option that the president is considering is to encourage European allies to agree to renegotiate the agreement. Britain’s prime minister is expected to raise “strong objections to pulling out of the joint agreement.” The French president said that it would be a “big mistake” if the United States decertifies the deal. Iran’s leader said that his country would not renegotiate the deal and that “no one will trust America again if Trump backs out of the agreement.” Secretary of State Tillerson said that while Iran has met the technical details of the agreement, there are larger “political concerns.” Iran is “rapidly deploying and developing a whole series of ballistic missiles.” As well the sunset provisions “allow some of the deal’s restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program to wind down over time.”