Repair to Navy Ships to Cost Upwards of $600 Million

Sep 21, 2017

The two US Navy destroyers that collided with merchant ships will b repaired at an estimated cost of $600 million. The USS Fitzgerald will be returned to the United States for repairs. The USS John S. McCain will be sent to Japan for a full damage assessment and then returned to the United States. The collisions killed 17 sailors. Senator McCain said the incidents raise “serious questions about our maritime readiness to fight in response to North Korean, Chinese, and Russian aggression.” McCain thought the destroyers could be out of service anywhere from “months to years.” The Navy is still collecting information and does “not yet have an explanation for the collisions.” A panel investigating the collisions pointed to budget constraints as a reason for reduced training, delayed maintenance, and extended deployments. So far six senior officers have been fired “due to a ‘loss of confidence in their ability to command.’”