Student Group To Protest Abortion Across the Nation

Sep 20, 2017

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is launching a national tour to bring the horror of abortion to the nation. The tour will go to six major cities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The group will also visit at least 90 college campuses. At the National Press Club, SFLA president Kristan Hawkins criticized the Republican led Congress for not defunding Planned Parenthood. “Nothing has been done. It’s been almost a year since the election.” “The pro-life generation is sick of being told to wait until another election season has passed. We are expecting Congress to uphold their promises and stop subsidizing America’s largest abortion vendor.” Planned Parenthood committed 328,348 abortions in 2016. The taxpayer funded organization provided well over 100,000 fewer contraception services than in 2015 and showed a significant drop in cancer screenings and prenatal services. Planned Parenthood’s profit increased in 2016 as it zeroed in on abortion, its chief money making operation.