Last Attempt to Pass Repeal of Obamacare

Sep 20, 2017

President Trump said that he supported the latest attempt to overturn Obamacare. A White House official said that the president would sign the legislation if it ever hits his desk. The Graham-Cassidy bill would replace Obamacare with block grants to the states. Republicans have until September 30 to pass the legislation. After the end of the fiscal year, Republicans would need Democratic support. The president called Senator Lindsey Graham at 10:30 Monday evening “to emphasize the importance of passing the bill.” House Speaker Paul Ryan said “I am encouraging every senator to vote for Graham-Cassidy, because it is our best, last chance to get repeal and replace done.” The Vice-President has been on Capitol Hill to lobby senators to support the repeal effort. Democrats are fearful of the plan because it would devolve federal involvement to the states. Democrats are pushing to patch and paper over Obamacare’s problems.