Right To Work Law Upheld in Wisconsin

Sep 20, 2017

Wisconsin’s Right to Work law is constitutional. The law’s implementation has been stopped by a lawsuit brought by the states largest labor union. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals said, “The Unions have no constitutional entitlement to the fees of non-member employees.” Unions argued that they would be required to represent workers “in a bargaining unit regardless of membership status.” The court of appeals said, “no property interest has been taken” and told the district court to dismiss the lawsuit. The National Right to Work Foundation said, “The constitutionality of right to work laws is a long settled question and Wisconsin union officials should stop wasting taxpayer dollars and worker’s dues money in their desperate attempt to restore their power to have workers fired simply for refusing to pay money as a condition of employment.” This was the second win for right to work laws this week. On Monday, West Virginia’s Supreme Court threw out a lower court’s injunction against the state’s right to work law.