Legalization Without Path to Citizenship a Non Starter

Sep 19, 2017

Republican Senator Tom Cotton said that legalizing the “beneficiaries of the DACA program but not make them eligible for citizenship” was a nonstarter. According to the senator, the country cannot have a group of ‘permanent legal residents who weren’t eligible for citizenship.” He said “The next day Democrats … would be protesting the ‘separate but equal’ treatment and the ‘new Jim Crow.’” Cotton was in favor of codifying DACA “with restrictions on chain migration that allow the newly legalized beneficiaries to sponsor adult extended family members.” Senator Cotton went on to suggest that Congress should codify DACA as well as the RAISE Act that attempted to move admission preferences towards more skills-based immigrants. “Only on in fifteen come for employment reasons.” They “did not come because of a job offer or because of their skills.”