Another Effort To Overturn Obamacare

Sep 19, 2017

Republican’s latest effort to overturn Obamacare is getting closer to the 50 votes needed to pass the legislation. Under the legislation, Obamacare would be replaced with block grants to the states. Several Republican governors have come out in support of the bill. It would give them more freedom to craft healthcare solutions for their states instead of having to follow directives from Washington. Congress has 12 working days left to get the legislation passed under budget reconciliation rules. Senator McCain is one of the holdouts and could kill the bill just has he did to the last Republican attempt to overturn Obamacare. “The governor of Arizona is favorably inclined, but I am going to have to have a lot more information,” said Senator McCain. Senator Murkowski is also a questionable vote. She is studying it to see how it would affect Alaska. "I need to figure out how all the numbers work with regards to Alaska,"