Iran Deal Up for Recertification in October

Sep 18, 2017

The Iran deal will have to be rectified in October. The deal requires that Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action be certified to Congress every 90 days saying “that Iran is still complying with the agreement.” The president is being urged by his National Security Adviser and Secretary of State to “preserve the Iran deal at the next 90-day mark in October.” According to Sebastian Gorka, President Trump “didn’t want it rectified last time.” But he stuck with the plan “because he hadn’t been given any adequate” alternative to the agreement. Former UN ambassador John Bolton was asked by Steve Bannon to prepare a “game plan” for withdrawing from the agreement. But that plan never was presented after Bannon and Gorka were forced out of the White House. Bolton’s plan advises the president to make telephone calls to key allies warning them of the decision to end the agreement. Bolton’s plan then suggested that the president “undergo an expanded diplomatic campaign aimed at rallying support around the world for new sanctions against Iran once the deal was no longer in place. Gorka said that the president will “ultimately make his own decision, regardless” the counsel of his national security team.