More Counties Will Have No Obamacare Exchange

Sep 16, 2017

In 2018, there could be 63 counties in the United States with no insurer that is a part of the Obamacare exchange. 70,000 Americans live in those counties. In another 1,472 counties there will be only one insurer for 2.6 million exchange participants. Anthem and Aetna told lawmakers that they were not confident about their future participation in the Obamacare exchanges. The uncertainty about payments to prop up the failing system was one area of evidence company officials pointed to. Under the law, Americans who do not have health insurance and where there is no provider available under the exchange, they would still have to pay a penalty for being uninsured. Senators Alexander and Corker have introduced the Health Care Options Act of 2017 to waive the penalty in such situations. It would also allow Americans who had received a subsidy to use the subsidy to purchase healthcare from companies not on the exchange.