Visiting Fellow Offer Withdrawn

Sep 15, 2017

Harvard University offered Bradley Manning a visiting fellow position but withdrew the offer after getting push back from CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell. Morell issued a letter to the Dean of the Kennedy School saying that he could not “associate himself with an organization ‘that honors a convicted felon and leaker of classified information.’” “Manning was found guilty of 17 serious crimes, including six counts of espionage, for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks, and entity that CIA Director Mike Pompeo says operates like an adversarial foreign intelligence service,” continued Morell. In Pompeo’s letter he said, “I believe it is shameful for Harvard to place its stamp approval upon [Manning’s] treasonous actions.” Douglas W. Elmendorf, Dean of the Kennedy School, said, “I now think that designating . . . Manning as a visiting fellow was a mistake, for which I accept responsibility.” He continued, “But I see more clearly now that many people view a Visiting Fellow title as an honorific, so we should weigh that consideration when offering invitations.”