Navy Sends in Cyber Investigation Unit

Sep 15, 2017

The U.S. Navy sent its Cyber Command 10th Fleet as well as technical experts to investigate the USS John McCain collision. Investigators will look into whether or not there was an intrusion into the ship’s software. “We have no indications or reason to believe that there was a malicious cyber attack that had an effect on either [USS] Fitzgerald or McCain, but we’ve assembled a team … to go out on the ground and look for and assess any anomalous activity that may exist onboard John S. McCain,” said Vice Admiral Jan Tighe. The admiral went on to say that investigating cyber intrusions will become a “normal step in probing vessel collisions.” President Trump elevated Cyber Command to a unified combatant command status in August in acknowledgement of the increased threat of the cyber threat. The Navy is conducting a broader investigation into “naval procedures and training” to better understand what contributed to the collisions of the Fitzgerald and McCain.