Not One To Miss The Good Life

Sep 15, 2017

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin apparently believes that he’s entitled to a taxpayer funded good life. For his honeymoon to Europe in August, Mnuchin asked that he and his new wife be flown in an Air Force jet. Of course he carefully cited national security reasons for his cover. Reasons like secure communications, international issues ranging from Iran to Venezuela, to North Korea. The request was later withdrawn when it more affordable solutions presented themselves. Had the government provided his taxpayer funded ride, it would have cost taxpayers $25,000 an hour. Mnuchin however managed to show up in a “government aircraft” with his wife at Fort Knox to inspect what remains of the nation’s gold on August 21. Just by coincidence, Fort Knox was in the solar eclipse totality zone. The Treasury Secretary and his wife were able to view the eclipse from the fort. The Inspector General’s office is now looking at all requests for aircraft by the Treasury Secretary to determine if all laws and policies were observed.