Democrats Winning Local Races

Sep 14, 2017

Early signs of a 2018 Democratic electoral wave may be forming. Republicans have dominated local races for the last several election cycles. Republican domination has led to control of a majority of the state houses. However, since Trump’s victory in November, Democrats are focusing increasingly on local state races. Local Democrats are performing far better than Hillary Clinton did in those districts. “On Tuesday, Democrat Jacob Rosencrants took 60 percent of the vote in a state House district in Norman, Oklahoma, where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by ten points last November.” Then in New Hampshire, a Democrat “won a state House seat in a district . . . that Trump won by 16 points last year.” Trump’s win has motivated Democrats to turn out their voters. Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee said, “Our wins send a clear message to Republicans everywhere that no matter how red the district is, you can’t hide from the shadow cast by the Trump administration.”