Kid Rock’s Senate Run Scaring Liberals to Death

Sep 13, 2017

Popular rock star Kid Rock is apparently running as a Republican for the United States Senate in Michigan and the liberals are going crazy. He is known for his unconventional style, his often colorful language, and his support for tea party candidates. Liberal groups and the notoriously left wing Detroit Free Press are trying to do the same thing to everyone that they disagree with, silence him.

They are going so far as to try and keep him from performing in his hometown of Detroit, where he is extremely popular. He often donate much of his money from these concerts to businesses and charities in the city, but most of them have apparently succumbed to leftist pressure and are not coming to his defense. They will receive no more donations so in order to be politically correct they will punish the very people they are supposed to be helping. None of this will stop the Kid.