ESPN Host Calls Trump and his Supporters White Supremists

Sep 13, 2017

For years ESPN was the premiere sports network in the country and people tuned in to be entertained by watching their favorite sporting events. Then ESPN was bought by the Disney Corporation and decided for some strange reason that it had an obligation to indoctrinate its viewers with the left wing politics of it executives. As a result, it has lost millions of subscribers and is in financial trouble.

However, instead of seeing the light it has doubled down. A few months ago it fired popular baseball star Curt Schilling for daring to make an offhand remark opposing transgender bathrooms. It seems that if you work for ESPN the only political opinions you are allowed to have is those on the left. Now one of its hosts, Jemele Hill has launched a twitter storm attacking President Trump and all of his supporters as racists and white supremacists. The network did not fire her, although it apologized and said her remarks were inappropriate.