Dueling Endorsements

Sep 13, 2017

Representative Mark Meadows endorsed Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate. Meadows had supported fellow Freedom Caucus member Mo Brooks’ bid during the primary. "I saw the millions of dollars coming in that truly painted a picture of my good friend Mo Brooks in a way that was not only not accurate, but it was downright deceitful and lies, and that made me want to play that much more on behalf of Judge Roy Moore." Meadows said that his endorsement of Moore should be seen as “pushback against the swamp.” Meadows has not spoken to Majority Leader McConnell directly, but did make his points through interviews with the media. McConnell has pledged to support all incumbent Republican senators in their re-election efforts. Meadows said, "I've stayed out of recruiting of candidates to run against sitting members of the House or the Senate. We've tried to take a more collegial approach to not try to recruit people against sitting members of Congress or sitting senators." However, the Freedom Caucus leader said Luther Strange was appointed to his Senate seat and had not won it. That fact justified supporting Judge Moore over the appointed Luther Strange. The runoff election will be September 26.