Make Trump Great Again

Sep 13, 2017

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has brought considerable order to White House and to its decision making process. The leaks are fewer. “Divisive figures” have been dismissed. All paperwork is reviewed before reaching the president. Meetings must have an agenda as well as a shorter list of attendees. There are no more informal chats with the president. Cabinet secretaries no longer have walk-in privileges. “Kelly has completely reorganized the process of how the Oval Office does business and how the White House does business.” However, Kelly “has had a marginal impact on the way Trump does business,” said Republican strategist Doug Heye. By many accounts the president will never change his personality, his approach to politics, nor his tweets and public remarks. While many staffers support the order that Kelly has brought to the White House, many are unsure how long it can last. Much less how long President Trump will tolerate Kelly’s restraints.