Hurricanes Trigger Climate Activists

Sep 13, 2017

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have caused a “mass-triggering” event for social justice warrior snowflakes. Climate change crusaders are calling for the imprisonment of people who do not adhere to climate change groupthink. “In the wake of Harvey, it’s time to treat science denial as gross negligence — and hold those who do the denying accountable,” read the subhead in an article by Brian Merchant. Brand Johnson of Climate Hawks Vote urged government to “put officials who reject science in jail.” Meanwhile, Colorado State University meteorologist Philip Klotzbach’s research shows that Hurricane Irma ties for the “seventh most powerful storm to hit the mainland since the 1850s. Hurricane Harvey is in a three-way tie for 17th place. Anthony Watts of the blog, Watts Up With That, said it’s going to be touch for climate alarmists to try connecting these two storms to being driven by CO2/global warming. But they’ll do it anyway.”