Robots Coming to a Bank Near You

Sep 12, 2017

Deutsche Bank’s Chief Executive Officer John Cryan is predicting that a “big number” of the bank’s employees will one day be replaced by robots. The bank currently employs 100,000 people.

“In our banks we have people behaving like robots doing mechanical things, tomorrow we’re going to have robots behaving like people. We have to find new ways of employing people and maybe people need to find new ways of spending their time… The truthful answer is we won’t need as many people.”

Robots are being used in a variety of fields including construction, ironing, and kitchen-work.

Garry Kasparaov said that humans need “to start recognizing inevitability of machine take over are and more tasks that we used to do in the past.”

“It’s called progress. We should just take it as a fact and look into the future trying to understand how can we adjust.”

California’s Lieutenant Governor wants to fight to eep humans from being unemployed by robots. “We’re going to get rolled over unless we get ahead of this.?