Bi-Partisan Effort to Raise Salary Cap on Secret Service

Sep 12, 2017

Republicans and Democrats introduced legislation to raise the salary cap on Secret Service agents.

Under current law, the agency is “no longer able to pay agents because more than 1,000 of them have already reached the limits for salary and overtime allowances this year.”

The proposed law would increase salary and overtime pay to $187,000 a year from $161,900 per year. It would apply to fiscal 2017 and to fiscal 2018.

The legislation also requires that the agency give a report about recruitment and retention efforts.

During the campaign, an estimated 1,000 agents maxed out their pay and Congress had to pass legislation to ensure agents were paid for their overtime hours.

The Secret Service has been stretched because of the large number of people in the president’s family as well as the multiple properties that the president owns.