Republican Swamp Upset They Might be Primaried

Sep 12, 2017

Former presidential advisor Steve Bannon is planning to primary Republican incumbents who have not been supportive of the Trump agenda.

Republican senators responded saying that Bannon should focus on defeating Democrats instead of replacing Republicans.

“I wish they would focus on Democrats instead of Republicans," said Sen. John Cornyn.

Senator John Thun said that primary challengers would make it harder for the GOP to keep its Senate majority status.

Senator Cornyn said that the president and his allies would be “well advised to focus on growing our number of Republicans in the Senate rather than diminishing it. The president’s going to need as many friendly faces around here as he can get in order to get things done.”

However, there are 52 so called “friendly faces” in the Senate right now, but they have been unable or unwilling to deliver on the Trump agenda much less “get things done.”

More of the same friendly faces might just keep the Trump agenda stalled.