Mitt Romney Considering Run For Senate

Sep 12, 2017

Former Massachusetts Governor and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is thinking about running for U.S. Senate if Senator Orin Hatch decides not to run for an eighth term.

A spokesman for the Senator said that Hatch would not decide about retiring until October at the earliest and could take until December to make a decision.

When asked in February about running for Senate Romney said, “I don’t have any predictions on what I might do. I’m not going to open a door and I’m not going to close a door. All doors are open.”

During the presidential campaign, Romney called candidate Trump “a phony, a fraud” and discouraged voters from voting for him.

More recently, Romney criticized Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville, saying the president did not go far enough in condemning white supremacists.

As a Senator, Mitt Romney would not be counted as a supporter of the Trump agenda.