Judicial Nominee Attacked by Democrats for Being too “Christian”

Sep 11, 2017

If a conservative member of the United States senate were to have questioned a nominee for the judiciary about his or her Muslim religion for example, that senator would be immediately attacked by the left for being Islamophobic. However, the same standard is not applied to Amy Barrett, a highly qualified nominee for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. She is a professor of law at Notre Dame University and a practicing Catholic faith. However, she made it clear in her writings that a judge should not make judicial decisions based on their religious belief.

However, that was not sufficient for Democrat senators Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, or Mazi Horono. They viciously attacked her for her Christian beliefs and implied that being too Catholic disqualified her from being allowed to serve on the court. All of them ignored the direct prohibition in the Constitution that prohibits applying a religious test to anyone seeking public office.