Too White

Sep 11, 2017

The British Red Cross is too white according to Britain’s Red Cross chief, Mike Adamson. Writing for a blog, Adamson said, “There is no escaping the fact that with shining exceptions, such as our refugee services, we are nowhere near as diverse as we need to be in our volunteer base, our staffing or our leadership.” Adamson is working to change the makeup of the organization so that the Red Cross will be “relevant to the world of today and tomorrow.” Adamson also bemoaned the very name of the organization he serves. “British” and “cross” are a “challenge” for him. He worried that the Red Cross might be confused for a “Christian establishment organization.” One commenter wrote of Adamson’s self-loathing, “Call in the Red Crescent, if that is of the correct ethnicity. What’s truly pathetic is the self-hate and desperate apologies for not being ‘relevant’ enough.”