Germany Is A Magnet for Migrants

Sep 11, 2017

Germany is viewed as a magnet for migrants because of the country’s “generous welfare benefits.” Germany’s Interior Minister said that “‘procedures and reception conditions are generous’ and ‘the benefits for refugees are quite high.’” Also driving to the inflow of migrants was Germany’s announcement that 800,000 migrants had arrived in the country. The Interior Minister said that was a “‘signal’ to prospective migrants and traffickers that Germany was willing to take in that many.” The German Interior Minister condemned Hungary’s refusal to accept immigrants. He said that it was unacceptable “that an EU Member State does not comply with a judgment of the European Court of Justice.” He called on the European Union to have greater procedural uniformity. Asylum seekers in Germany can use the country’s legal system to put off deportation. That appeal system is not as extensive in other EU countries. The Interior Minister said that the long-term solution is to “coordinate, control and limit the influx of refugees.”