Americans Welcome Evacuees

Sep 11, 2017

As Floridians evacuate their homes and travel north, Georgians have been opening their homes to strangers. Florida’s state government ordered 6.3 million people to evacuate the state. Many traveled into neighboring Georgia to find there was nowhere to stay. Hotels, motels, campgrounds were filled. A new group was created called Atlanta Hurricane Solidarity. The informal network has managed to place 75 Florida families in local homes in the Atlanta area. Co-founder, Mary Hoyt, said, “Those are the ones we have settled or on their way. We have 300 more homes and counting that are available. People are so amazingly generous.” Churches have been asking for donations of mattresses and blankets for shelters. The Atlanta Motor Speedway opened their facilities in Hampton to anyone needing a place. Airbnb listed 85 homes in Georgia and Florida that are free to evacuees. An equestrian center in an Atlanta suburb volunteered to board 150 horses. So far 40 have arrived and more are coming.